Sunday February 3rd, 2019
EY Centre, Ottawa

Doors Open: 7:45 AM


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Showdown News:

Leader Board:

Throughout the event the leaderboard will be displayed on the screens by the main stage. The leaderboard will list the top finalists for each level in no particular order. These finalists will be called onto the floor at Awards. Then the top 3 teams from each level will be called to centrestage and awarded their banners.

Level 1 – Top 10
Level 2 – Top 10
Level 3 – Top 10
Level 4 – Top 5
Open (4.2/5R) – Top 3

Showdown Showstoppers:
These special awards are nominated by the Judges. Any team, regardless of whether they are a finalist in their level, are eligible. Categories include:
– Stellar Stunts
– Top Team Tumbling
– Dynamic Dance
– Most Entertaining

Download our App for Event Information

Programs will not be available at the event. We invite all Spectators to download the Event Connect App from the App store, it’s a free app that provides an order of performance, allows you to select your favourite teams and get notifications when they’re on, and receive notifications from the event about schedule changes. Click on the photo below to download the app now!

Please scroll down to find important details about the event and the facilities including warm-up facilities, parking information, where to drop off athletes, athlete/coaches credentials, judging panels, legalities, grand champion awards, and information regarding collection of waivers and coaches codes of conduct. Please also be aware of our inclement weather policy and refund policy and procedures as posted here.

On the day of the competition, please feel free to approach any of the Cheer Evolution Staff should you have any questions or concerns. Prior to the competition day, please email regarding scheduling issues or regarding registration.


Athlete Proof of Age Eligibility:

Coaches please be advised that teams may be randomly selected for age verification. We require all coaches/administrators to be able to provide athlete identification (birth certificate, drivers license, passport)  in either digital or paper format to verify athletes age eligibility. These personal documents will NOT be collected and kept on file by Canadian Cheer. If requested, coaches will have until 10 minutes prior to their awards to present the required documentation. Photos of original ID’s on cellphones or drives are accepted.

USASF Image Policy

The USASF has implemented a new Image Policy, which will be followed at all CE competitions.   The policy has been More information can be found here.  The three main image points are outlined here:

  • Athletes with non-full top uniforms must wear a t-shirt or other suitable cover up over their uniforms unless they are in the warm-up area, traveling as a group directly to or from the warm up area, or on the performance stage.
  • Makeup should be uniform and appropriate for both the performance and the age of the athletes. Face/Eyelid Rhinestones are not allowed. False eyelashes are allowed but may not be decorated in rhinestones or additional jewelry.
  • Bows should not be excessive in size (acceptable bows are generally no more than 3” in width) and shouldn’t be a  distraction to the performance. Bows should be worn in a manner to minimize risk for the participants, should be  adequately secured and should not fall over the forehead into the participants’ eyes or block the view of the  participant while performing

Canadian Cheer Videos

Videos of each team will be posted to Youtube under the  Canadian Cheer Videos Vimeo page.  Videos will be posted a week after the event.  All runs at the event will be posted to Vimeo.  Exceptions to this rule, where videos will not be posted to Youtube, include extreme safety infractions and costume malfunctions.  You can visit the Canadian Cheer Videos page by clicking here.


We kindly request that ALL Coaches, and athletes do not enter the practice area until their report time.

Athletes will need wristbands from their coaches to gain access to the venue.

Coaches of young teams are kindly asked to arrange meeting times directly inside the athlete entrance. This will allow parents of the young athletes to wait with their child until the coach arrives. Alternately, the parent would need to purchase a ticket before escorting their child into the arena to any other designated spot.

Parking and Directions

Parking and Directions available here.

Schedule of Events

The final performance schedule has been posted to here.

Although all Cheer Evolution events are known for being run precisely on-time, unforeseen circumstances sometimes cause times to shift slightly.  We will always attempt to ensure that this does not affect any teams negatively.

The most up-to-date schedule will be available for all coaches in their registration package at the registration desk, and will be posted throughout the warm-up facility. Due to last minute additions we remind coaches to use these copies of the performance order and not to rely on the spectator program.

Spectator Entrance

Main lobby entrance. Parking is compliments of Canadian Cheer/Cheer Evolution.

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