What makes the Big East Showdown different?

Big East Showdown is a new concept event that pit’s teams from all divisions against each other for a Level Championship. All teams will be ranked in their level, regardless of age division. Teams will also be nominated by judges for Evo Elite awards in the following categories:
–  Building (highest combined difficulty, creativity and technique in either Stunts or Pyramids)
–  Jumps (highest technique score in jumps)
–  Tumbling (highest difficulty and technique score)
–  Dance/Performance (highest combined score in Dance and Performance)
– Judges Choice

Is Big East Blast different than Showdown?

Big East Blast will be a traditional style Cheer Evolution Championship on Saturday February 3rd, 2017. The Showdown will be a complimentary event held on Sunday February 4th, teams may choose to compete at one or both events. Teams who choose to compete at both Big East Blast and Showdown will get a fantastic value with the 2-day pricing. Scores from each day are separate and not carried over.

How do I qualify for Canadian Finals

Teams will qualify by winning their Level and/or Division at Big East Showdown or the Quebec Championship. A limited number of Wild Card invites will be selected from Canadian Cheer Alliance events in the 2017-2018 season. A maximum of 30 teams will be invited.

What divisions are offered at Canadian Finals?

Teams will compete head to head within their level, with the level winner receiving Champion Swag. Each Level Champion will then be adjudicated to select a single Canadian Finals winner.

What do you win at Big East Showdown?

Level champions, runners up and third place will receive a team banner and championship cup.

Do Spectators have to purchase a separate ticket to see the event?

Spectators will need to purchase a ticket for each day that they attend.



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