Sunday February 3rd 2019
EY Centre, Ottawa

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Programs will not be available at the event. We invite all Spectators to download the ‘Canadian Cheer’ App from the App Store, it’s a free app that provides an order of performance, allows you to select your favourite teams and get notifications when they’re on, and receive notifications from the event about schedule changes.


Spectator Admission


Athletes competing in the event who wish to enter the venue prior to when they are meeting their coach must ensure their coach has checked in at registration and receive their wrist band from the coach. Otherwise a ticket must be purchased.
Please note that children under 5 are free!

1 Day Pass  $17.95 + HST ($22.50 total) $15.93+ HST ($18 total)

Children aged 5 and under are free!

2 Day $35.40+HST ($40 total) $28.32  + HST ($32 total)

*Due to the Ontario minimum wage increase effective Jan 1st, 2018 we have unfortunately incurred higher costs associated with labour than originally anticipated and are forced to slightly increase the spectator admission for the remainder of the 2018 events. We thank you for your understanding and patronage.

In lieu of paper tickets all spectators will be given wrist bands upon purchasing access to the event. Wrist bands must be worn for the duration of the weekend. Unfortunately we will not be able to replace misplace wrist bands. All wristbands are waterproof.
Spectators will be permitted access to the building’s lobby without having purchased a ticket. Please note that all athletes will be required to pick up their wrist band from a team coach before being granted access beyond the lobby. Individual athletes will not be permitted to pick up wrist bands, with the exception of parent athletes.


1800 parking spaces and bus parking spots are available on-site. Cheer Evolution is proud to offer complimentary parking to our Big East Blast patrons.


Team Entrance

Registration is located just inside the main performance Hall. Coaches will be able to enter the hall to register and pick up their wristbands. Athletes without wristbands will not be permitted to enter the performance hall. Coaches are encouraged to make arrangements for a meeting time with their team in the lobby to distribute the wristbands.

Schedule of Events

The tentative performance schedule has been posted under the Schedule tab.  As changes are made, the schedule will be updated, and all coaches will receive an email notifying that the schedule has been updated.

Although all Evolution events are known for being run precisely on-time, unforeseen circumstances sometimes cause times to shift slightly.  We will always attempt to ensure that this does not affect any teams negatively.


Please pay attention when awards ceremonies are scheduled.  Your athletes’ awards ceremonies are typically scheduled after the athletes’ session has finished.

Food & Concessions

Standard arena fare will be available at the concession stands- hot dogs, burgers, fries, nachos, etc.
Outside food is not permitted in the EY centre.

Spectator Conduct

In the spirit of sportsmanship Cheer Evolution is following suit with many large American companies and enforcing a non-recruitment policy. Solicitation of athletes will not be permitted in any of the following form (but not limited to): signs, t-shirts with try-out dates, athlete gifts, handouts, etc. Please keep in mind that casual conversations can be interpreted incorrectly so please be mindful.

Photo & Video

 Professional event photography by Captured Moments will be available at https://canadiancheer.smugmug.com/.
Videos from the event can be found here. Telephoto lenses are not permitted at our events.

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