Who’s Coming?

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The Final chance to prove you’re the best in Canada! Up to 40 teams from Levels 1-5R will be invited to vie for the chance to take home an iconic jacket and be crowned Canadian Finals Champion. This special event will take place on the Saturday evening of the National Championships.

Level 1
Black Widow Rainbow
Calgary Stars Cosmic Rays
Kingston Elite Scarlet
PCT Wild
Kingston Elite Rose
Pegasus Cheer Athletics Prodigy
College de Levis Mini Commandeurs
CheerForce WolfPack Envy
Scorpions Elite

Level 2
Kingston Elite Crimson
Calgary Stars Odyssey
Air Force Mavericks Sergeants
Sparks Cheerleading Blast
Air Force Mavericks Captains
Central Cheer Cheetahs Sassy Katz
Olympia Cheerleading
TR Cheer Blackbirds
CheerForce WolfPack Thrive
CheerStrike Sovereignty

Level 3
Flames All Stars Outblast
Kingston Elite Blush
Prairie Fire Wildfire
Air Force Mavericks Marshals
CheerSport River Sharks
Boss Athletics Vogue
Olympia Cheerleading
TR Cheer Cursed Queens
Sparks Cheerleading Heat 

Level 4
Kingston Elite Midnight
PCT Wicked
PCT Lady Revolution
Black Widow Wild
PCT Stone Cold
CheerForce WolfPack Prodigy
ACE  Athletics OUTLAWS

PCT Oasis
Flames All Stars Smoke
CheerSport White Tip Sharks
Bluewater Tidal Wave
Halifax Cheer Elite PAC
ACE Athletics Scandalous
CheerSport Queensland Sharks
CheerCore 24K

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