What day(s) do I compete?

School – Friday and Saturday
All Star Youth, Junior 1, Senior 1- Friday and Saturday
All Star  Level 2-5 – Saturday and Sunday
All Star Mini/Tiny 1, All Star Prep – Sunday Only

When do specialty divisions compete at Nationals?

We do not offer specialty divisions at Nationals.

When are my awards?

Please review the Awards Schedule (available 2-3 weeks prior to the event) to see when your division is scheduled. Generally awards will be 1-2 hours after the last team in your division performs.

What is Stay to Play?

You can fin all of the Stay to Play information: here.

How do I register?

Online Registration Instructions: Click here

Online Registration Site: Click here

*Payment must be received before the payment deadline in order to secure the current price point (for example payment for a registration at Early Bird Rate must be received in office before the Early Bird deadline).  Registration is not considered complete until payment, rosters and waivers have been received in office.  All paperwork must be received by the deadline in order to be eligible. Athletes need only submit one waiver for the entire competitive season. 

Waivers, Coaches’ Honour Codes, and Credit Authorization forms are available on the forms page.

  • Each athlete must complete a waiver. Siblings must complete separate waivers.
  • One coach per program must complete a Coaches’ Honour Code. It is not necessary for every coach to complete a form.



 Early Bird
Jan 12th 2018
Feb 1st 2018
Feb 21st- Feb 28th 2018
School (2 Run) $100 + HST $115 + HST $130 + HST Friday/ Saturday
2-Run $130 + HST  $145 + HST  $165 + HST  All Star
1-Run $120 + HST  $135 + HST  $155 + HST  ASP, Tiny 1, Mini 1
Crossover $120/ $130 + HST  $135/$145 + HST  $155/ $165 + HST
 Coach  $48.67 + HST

Please email marley@canadiancheer.com if you have any other questions about registration. We are excited to have you at Nationals 2018!

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