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April 5-7th, 2019
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Scotiabank Convention Centre

Nationals 2019 Stay-to- Play

We’d love for you to join us for the 2018 Canadian Cheer Evolution National Cheerleading Championships!  This season we have made some modifications to our Stay to Play Protocol. We take great pride in offering the largest Canadian cheerleading event, with a premier venue in a “destination” city, and we understand that having adequate accommodations with choice and flexibility is a key component of the event.

For the 2018-2019 season, we will have a new process for our Stay to Play Policy. There will be a new system for hotel bookings with further details released mid- June.

All hotel stays for teams and athletes should be booked through the new online system. Additional details for Hotel Exemption requests and the process for these requests will also be available in mid-June.

The Stay-to-Play policy will mean that all athletes, coaches and spectators (staying with athletes) must complete their bookings through the system or have an approved exemption.

Our goal is to continue to work with the City of Niagara to garner a selection of reasonable and variable accommodations for our athletes and their families, while adequately tracking the economic impact of our event. Proving the scale and scope of the event is essential to our ability to secure high quality, professional venues in high-demand locales. We hope the increased flexibility and ease of use will make everyone’s travel arrangements smooth and enjoyable.


Nous aimerions que vous vous joigniez à nous pour les Championnats nationaux Cheerleading de Cheer Evolution 2018! Cette saison, nous avons apporté quelques modifications à notre protocole Stay to Play. Nous sommes très fiers d’offrir le plus grand événement de cheerleading canadien, avec un lieu de premier choix dans une ville «de destination», et nous comprenons que l’hébergement adéquat avec choix et flexibilité est un élément clé de l’événement.

Pour la saison 2018-2019, nous aurons un nouveau processus pour notre politique Stay to Play. Il y aura un nouveau système pour les réservations d’hôtels avec des détails supplémentaires publiés à la mi-juin

Tous les séjours d’hôtel pour les équipes et les athlètes doivent être réservés via le nouveau système en ligne. Des détails supplémentaires sur les demandes d’exemption d’hôtel et le processus de traitement de ces demandes seront également disponibles à la mi-juin.

La politique Stay-to-Play signifie que tous les athlètes, entraîneurs et spectateurs (demeurant avec les athlètes) doivent compléter leurs réservations par le biais du système ou bénéficier d’une exemption approuvée.

Notre objectif est de continuer à travailler avec la ville de Niagara afin d’obtenir une sélection d’accommodements raisonnables et variables pour nos athlètes et leurs familles, tout en suivant adéquatement l’impact économique de notre événement. Prouver l’ampleur et la portée de l’événement est essentiel à notre capacité à sécuriser des sites professionnels de haute qualité dans des environnements à forte demande. Nous espérons que la souplesse et la facilité d’utilisation rendront les déplacements de tous agréables.


2018 Stay to Play Accommodation Form: 2018/2019 Season information coming soon!

Stay-to-Play Team Accommodation: Team administrators are invited to email for instructions on how to submit groups of confirmation numbers. This only applies to teams travelling together and booking accommodations as a unit.

 Need to Book a Hotel?:

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2019 Hotel Listings: Coming Soon!

Hotel Rate Reservation Method


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to book through the Cheer Evolution Nationals Stay-to-Play? All athletes and coaches attending Cheer Evolution Nationals are required to submit their confirmation numbers or their Exemption request.  Gyms that are within 100km of the Scotiabank Convention Centre are exempt, as are athletes who are competing in 1 Run Divisions.
How do you keep track that all teams are abiding by this rule? We match every athlete on a roster with a confirmation number that has been inputted through our link above.
What if I have family in the area or if I would like to use hotel reward points? Cheer Evolution understands that there may need to be individual exemptions for those booking on hotel points or staying with family.  Individual exemptions will be possible through submission of a Housing Exception Request  which must be submitted by March 1st, 2018.  Applicants for this exemption will be contacted no later than 3 weeks after their application is submitted.
Once I have booked my rooms, does that guarantee by registration for the competition? No, a hotel reservation/room-block does not guarantee your reservation for the Cheer Evolution National Championship.  Please contact Cheer Evolution early to secure your spot at Canada’s biggest and best cheerleading competition.  Please don’t be disappointed, register early as last year registration had to be closed more than 5 weeks before the event.
My athlete is staying with another family, how do I submit my confirmation number? If the other family has not already submitted their confirmation number, then ask them to include your athlete’s name in their information, there will be a space to include all athletes staying in the room. If they have already done this, please email with their last name and the name of your athlete, or they can edit their link at any time. 


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