Saturday February 2nd, 2019
Abbotsford Centre
33800 King Road, Abbotsford, BC
Doors Open: 7:30 AM

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Programs will not be available at the event. We invite all Spectators to download the Event Connect App from the App store, it’s a free app that provides an order of performance, allows you to select your favourite teams and get notifications when they’re on, and receive notifications from the event about schedule changes. Click on the photo below to download the app now!

Please scroll down to find important details about the event and the facilities including warm-up facilities, parking information, where to drop off athletes, athlete/coaches credentials, judging panels, legalities, grand champion awards, and information regarding collection of waivers and coaches codes of conduct. Please also be aware of our inclement weather policy and refund policy and procedures as posted here.

On the day of the competition, please feel free to approach any of the Cheer Evolution Staff should you have any questions or concerns. Prior to the competition day, please email regarding scheduling issues or regarding registration.


USASF Image Policy

The USASF has implemented a new Image Policy, which will be followed at all CE competitions.  More information can be found here.  The three main image points are outlined here:

  • Athletes with non-full top uniforms must wear a t-shirt or other suitable cover up over their uniforms unless they are in the warm-up area, traveling as a group directly to or from the warm up area, or on the performance stage.
  • Makeup should be uniform and appropriate for both the performance and the age of the athletes. Face/Eyelid Rhinestones are not allowed. False eyelashes are allowed but may not be decorated in rhinestones or additional jewelry.
  • Bows should not be excessive in size (acceptable bows are generally no more than 3” in width) and shouldn’t be a  distraction to the performance. Bows should be worn in a manner to minimize risk for the participants, should be  adequately secured and should not fall over the forehead into the participants’ eyes or block the view of the  participant while performing

Bid Declaration:
CheerFest Bid Declaration


We kindly request that ALL Coaches, and athletes do not enter the practice area until their report time.

Athletes will need wristbands from their coaches to gain access to the venue. Please arrange to meet your athletes in the LOBBY to distribute wristbands.
Spectators will be able to purchase tickets at the event. 

Coaches of young teams are kindly asked to arrange meeting times with parents for before AND after their performance. Please ensure that parents are clearly aware of where to pick up their child after the performance. Reminder, parents are not permitted in the Practice Gym

Coaches’ Meeting

There will be no officially scheduled Coaches Meeting for Cheer Fest. Should you have any questions please report to the Registration Desk who will be able to contact the convenor, Judge’s coordinator or event manager. Please be sure to turn in all Coaches Code of Conduct, waivers, and athlete’s Date of Birth. Participants without these forms/info turned in will not be permitted to enter the warm-up facility or performance floor.

Legalities and Deductions

Cheer Fest  will be deducting for illegal skills and falls. Please review this season’s competition guidelines. Be sure to also note our Score Check procedure.


The judging process will assess the difficulty, execution of choreography and overall effectiveness of each routine using our standardized judging form. There will be a point deduction and legalities judge who will be responsible for assessing falls and illegal elements. Deductions for bobbles will be deducted per judge from the overall impression score. Please be aware of the Score Checkpolicy.

All coaches must sign-out their score sheets from the registration table. Score sheets will be available after the division awards ceremonies.


Practice & Warm-up Area

The warm-up area is located behind the main competition floor.

  1. 12 minutes on 2 strips of dead mat
  2. 7 minutes on a sprung tumble strip
  3. 7 minutes on a full dead floor
  4. 12 minutes in the “hold area” before competing!


Sports Therapists

There will be sports therapists as well as emergency response personnel available for the day to ensure that athletes and spectators can be well cared for if necessary.  The therapists will have supplies for their use only and will not be supplying them freely.  The role of these people is to deal with injuries, not to tape wrists and ankles.  Kindly plan to bring your own athletic tape.



Cheer Evolution will not be providing spotters for the event. If coaches feel they should provide their own spotters for the team, please contact Cheer Evolution prior to the event. No deductions will be made for teams providing their own spotters provided these spotters do not provide hands-on assistance, visual or verbal cueing.


Music and Sound Equipment

All music must be in CD or Mp3 format.  NOTE: Do not use CD-RW!  We are very pleased to have Brandon Larry as the M.C. for the event and overseeing all audio aspects.  His exceptional experienced and top quality equipment will ensure each team’s music sounds great.

If using the Mp3 option, please ensure that the track is on its own playlist.  It is highly recommended that each team have a back-up copy of the routine CD at the music table in the event that there is a problem with the primary CD or Mp3.  It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that their music is error free and plays on the music system. Once the team is positioned at the “in the hole” waiting area, event staff will escort the coach to the music station.


Team Entrance and Exit from Main Floor

All teams will enter the floor from a tunnel located back of stage right of the performance floor.  In order to keep the competition on schedule, teams must immediately take the floor once announced.  Inspirational words or cheers should be done prior to being announced.  There will be event staff in position to give teams notice of the amount of time remaining.

Following the performance, teams will be directed to exit the floor back stage left and directed through to the video replay area.

Event Shirts and Clothing

There will be a variety of clothing items available for purchase at the Cheer Evolution Store as well as from vendors.  Please be sure to come to the stores to see what’s available.  Event shirts and the CE booth will be located on the floor of the main bowl, other vendors will be positioned throughout the concourse area.


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