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Photos and videos from all of our 2016 – 2017 events are being posted online for you to download for free!
Thanks to our friends at Captured Moments you can now re-live your performance!  Click the links below to view.


All 2016/2017 Season Photos Available at:  Canadian Cheer SumugMug   

All 2016/2017 Season Videos Available here: Canadian Cheer Vimeo


Red Carpet 2016Photos Here!

National Championships 2016 – Team Photos Here  Champions Lounge Photos here

March Madness 2016 – Photos Here!

Ontario Championships 2016  & University & Open Championships 2016Photos Here!

Fun Fest 2016Photos Here!

Big East Blast 2016Photos Here!

Winterfest 2016 Photos Here!

Montreal Mayhem 2015Photos Here!

Fall Classic 2015 – Photos Here!


All videos will be posted hours after your performance! Check out Canadian Cheer Videos on Youtube!
Follow this link!

To get in touch with Captured Moments for your own personal copy/prints please see the below contact information.
Captured Moments:

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