All Star Prep

All Star Prep Scoring

For the 2017-2018 season, Cheer Evolution will adopt the All Star Score System being utilized by Event Producer’s throughout North America. Please be sure to note that Worlds Teams may be adjudicated differently, please contact
marcy@ for information.  Pairs of adjudicators will evaluate one of the three categories:

  • Building Skills: Stunts (Difficulty, Technique, Creativity), Pyramid (Difficulty, Technique, Creativity),
  • Jumps &Tumbling: Running (Difficulty, Technique), Standing (Difficulty, Technique), Jump (Difficulty, Technique)
  • Choreography: Dance/Motions, Routine Composition, Performance

Score Grids (All Star Prep)
CCSS All Star Prep

2017-2018 Tiny Novice

Score Sheets (All Star Prep) :
AS PREP-BuildingChoreography-16_17

AS PREP-Choreographyandcomposition-16_17

AS PREP-JumpsTumbling-16_17

Level Appropriate Skill Examples:
2017-2018 Level Appropriate Skills

Canadian Cheer Comp Guidelines 2017-2018(All Star Prep)

 Scoring Overview (11/17 Update)


Cheer Evolution follows USASF division guidelines for all star teams as found at this link:Age Grid

Exceptions to USASF division guidelines for Cheer Evolution competitions:

Division Level Age* Participants Notes
All Star Prep 1 Tiny, Mini, Youth, Junior, Senior 5-30 Please see below for more info.
All Star Prep 2 Junior, Senior 5-30 Please see below for more info.

*Athletes must be in this age category as of August 31, 2017 for the 2017-2018 competitive season.

** Please email for more information.


All Star Prep Rules

Level Link Season
General Guidelines USASF 2017-2018
Level 1 USASF 2017-2018
Level 2 USASF 2017-2018


USASF Rules and Guidelines

All Star Prep

  • Level 1 and Level 2 All Star Prep teams will follow the USASF guidelines for Levels 1 and 2 accordingly
  • Teams may consist of both males and females
  • Maximum routine length is 2:00 minutes
  • Athletes are NOT allowed to compete in both the Prep and Standard (non-Prep) divisions at the same event

USASF/IASF Rules & Glossary

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